A path, a dream, a way of life.

NaturTree focuses its activity on the preparation and marketing of specially formulated food supplements and subjected to the strictest quality controls, recommended by healthcare professionals from various fields, including:

Conventional Medicine

Also known as scientific or allopathic medicine, it is medicine based on science and its scientific and technological advancements.

Integrative Medicine

As defined by the WHO, it is the integration of alternative and complementary medicine into conventional medicine.

Complementary Medicine

As defined by the WHO, it refers to various healthcare practices not integrated into the primary healthcare system.



NT-Detox takes a step beyond the detoxifying products currently available on the market, with specially formulated ingredients…


NT-Parax is a product that integrates the best ingredients focused on parasites and the eggs they typically leave in the intestines…


NT-Candix is formulated to achieve the proper balance of the so-called “native bacterial floras,” including Candida albicans…


NT-Cardiox open a new path with its ingredients and the synergy between different active principles, placing it at the forefront of natural supplements.


NT-Virux is a formula that contains vitamins, quercetin, green tea, zinc, and aloe vera, among other ingredients…


NT-Prostax is a supplement with a powerful formula that combines the best ingredients to promote well-being and reduce risks.

We work for your well-being.


NaturTree™ is born from the passion, effort, and knowledge of a group of friends for whom the natural world is their way of life, and whose goal is the well-being of people.

Committed to sports.

As part of our support for sports, one of our collaborations includes the Marbella Team sailing team, the J80 world champion, who places their trust in our NT-Detox supplement as the official product of the team.
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We collaborate with the platform.​

MiMédico.com allows you to consult with your patients from the online platform and issue prescriptions and referrals for the patient you are consulting, such as laboratory tests, external tests, informed consents, visit justifications, etc.

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We work for your well-being​

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We’re starting our journey!

Welcome to our blog. Gradually, we’ll be providing information about what’s happening in both natural and conventional medicine, as well as anything related to NaturTree. Although we’re making ourselves visible

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Visit to Dr. Ibañez at Planas Clinic

Our Commercial Director, Fernando Ferreiro, during his visit to Dr. Jordi Ibañez at Planas Clinic in Barcelona, where he sees patients. Planas Clinic Barcelona Facade Planas Clinic was established in

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NaturTree with Soccer

Javier Antuña Guerra, Sports Coach in soccer for the following teams: With our Commercial Director Fernando Ferreriro, with whom he has wanted to share the effects he has noticed with

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