About us

A way of doing things


Our team of professionals prepares innovative formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients to guarantee maximum effectiveness.


We manufacture under strict quality and food safety protocols, complying with the rigorous controls established by the EU.


Our sales team makes it possible for our products to be available in health food stores, pharmacies, and healthcare professional practices.

Charitable Actions

Our support for Aldebarán, entirely composed of individuals with intellectual, sensory, or physical disabilities, has participated in the 38th Copa del Rey de Vela in Palma de Mallorca, competing against elite professionals.

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Transform your life by adopting healthy habits, exercising, switching to a nutritious diet, and taking a high-quality dietary supplement like the ones we produce at NaturTree.

As living beings who are part of a world full of natural wonders, it is important and vital to be in balance with the environment around us, which is achieved through taking care of our bodies. That is why at NaturTree, among other goals, we aim to offer you products that can help you achieve this.

Our products are manufactured under the strictest quality and food safety protocols, always complying with health regulations and continuously striving for improvement to ensure their effectiveness and trustworthiness.

As a result, the number of healthcare professionals who trust and recommend our products continues to grow every day.

All the ingredients we use in our dietary supplements are of natural origin, components that our own bodies use daily to detoxify, renew, eliminate, and revitalize, among many other functions. These ingredients are in perfect harmony with our bodies and stimulate them, providing the necessary nutrients to improve your daily life, along with physical exercise, a proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Our Values


Respect allows us to appreciate the best in people, treating them as we would like to be treated.


One of our main objectives is to maintain transparent, correct, and sincere practices.


We put all our effort, enthusiasm, and dedication into each of our steps, ideas, and projects.